Beat Depression by Staying up All Night

By |September 24th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

Many people who suffer with depression also have problems with their circadian rhythm or sleep-wake cycle. As a result, they also have insomnia. Now a novel five-day sleep therapy promises to bring about fast and lasting relief for insomnia and depression. This therapy is less [...]

Can Your Brain Get Better with Age?

By |September 20th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

By now, we’ve all heard plenty about the things that can go wrong with the aging brain – chief among them, memory loss and the fact that your risk for Alzheimer’s disease climbs with every passing year. But there’s good news about brain aging that [...]

Do You Suffer from Fatty Brain?

By |September 17th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

You’ve heard of fatty liver, now experts are cautioning about the dangers of fatty brain. The human brain is made up of more fat than any other substance—it’s 60 percent fat. Experts are now debating what exactly the different types of fats within your brain [...]

How Wearing False Teeth Affects Memory—in a Good Way!

By |September 13th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

By the time an American reaches the age of 50, they’ve lost an average of 12 teeth each. By age 65 and over, more than a quarter (27.27 percent) have lost all their teeth. Teeth really matter, and not just for eating, because the latest [...]

Powerful Memory Protector Identified in a Common Berry

By |September 10th, 2021|Categories: Nutrition|

By now, just about everybody should know that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can support a healthier brain and a sharp memory for years to come. But the latest research has begun to pick apart exactly which natural compounds in these foods have the [...]

Highly Accurate Blood Test Predicts Alzheimer’s Four Years in Advance

By |September 6th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

While medical experts have long disputed what’s behind the development of Alzheimer’s disease, they all agree that a simple, affordable diagnostic test is long overdue. Up until now, the most accurate way to diagnose Alzheimer's disease has been through an invasive and uncomfortable lumbar puncture [...]

Why You Could be Stressing Your Way to Alzheimer’s Disease

By |September 3rd, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

Short term stresses are part of everyday life; nothing to be concerned about. However, chronic, unrelenting stress is something else, and has long been recognized as a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. Yet researchers remain unclear as to why this is so. After reviewing all [...]

Doctors Say They Can Now “Hear” Alzheimer’s… What it Means For Earlier Diagnosis

By |August 30th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

Research into the development of Alzheimer’s disease has revealed how changes in speech patterns related to memory loss become detectable years prior to a clinical diagnosis. These changes are too subtle for human ears to notice. However, scientists now report that artificial intelligence (AI) can [...]

Tunes Stuck in a Continuous Loop in Your Head Can Help Preserve Memories

By |August 27th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

If you've ever had a tune stuck in your head, you're not alone; most people experience this on a weekly basis or more. These catchy tunes or “earworms” can be annoying and even distressing for some, but many more enjoy the experience and find themselves [...]

Does CBD Offer New Hope for Brain Health?

By |August 23rd, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

I have to admit I was skeptical when I first heard about the possibility that CBD, or cannabidiol, derived from hemp or marijuana might be useful for improving brain health. The CBD craze seems like a lot of hype without a high level of scientific [...]

Research Update: Aerobic Activity Linked to Sharpening Memory

By |August 20th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

You know that great feeling you get after a brisk walk or bike ride? It turns out that your brain is reaping the rewards as well. You see, your heart-pumping workout is sending extra blood throughout your body and bathing your cells—including your brain cells—in [...]

Forgotten Vitamin Can Help Keep Your Memory Sharp

By |August 16th, 2021|Categories: Nutrition|

For decades this vitamin has been overlooked for its importance in keeping your memory sharp as you age, but now it’s finally getting some of the attention it deserves. I’m talking about vitamin K. And if you think you’re getting enough, you might be surprised [...]

Memory-Boosting Herb Used by Ancient Healers Really Works

By |August 13th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

Throughout human history, people have been searching for ways to improve thinking skills and boost memory. Nowadays, many of us turn to a strong cup of coffee or tea in the morning to sharpen our wits for the mental challenges of the day. But, according [...]

Accidental “Ice Cream” Discovery Helps Parkinson’s and Stroke Patients

By |August 9th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

If you've ever yawned after watching someone else yawn, felt sadness at another's plight, or smiled seeing others laugh, it's because we are social beings, and that can lead us to empathize with other people's actions and behavior. But what's happening in the brain to [...]

Learning a New Skill? Chill Out and Let Your “Brain Practice”

By |August 6th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

We've all heard the phrase "practice makes perfect", and this is so true; sustained focus and effort is needed to learn any new skill. But few realize that it's also important to allocate short rest periods within each practice session. In fact, strange as it [...]

Can You Recognize These Three Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease?

By |August 2nd, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

Most of us are afraid of getting Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia. It’s a frightening condition – one that can destroy your ability to grocery shop, cook, drive or travel alone and ultimately erase your precious memories of family and friends. So, [...]

Stay Focused With This Memory-Boosting Alternative to Coffee

By |July 30th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

To remain alert and reduce fatigue amid a hectic morning or afternoon, many people reach for a cup of coffee. However, coffee can make some people jittery, and if you’re caffeine-sensitive, an afternoon cup can give you insomnia well into the night. Excessive coffee even [...]

Will You Be Diagnosed With Dementia Within the Next Five Years?

By |July 26th, 2021|Categories: Brain Science|

If you’re over 55 and want to know your risk of developing dementia within the next five years, you can now find out in a matter of minutes. Rigorous research conducted in Canada led to the development of an online calculator consisting of two dozen [...]

Blood Test Reveals Whether You Have Any Kind of Brain Disorder

By |July 23rd, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

Scientists are making great strides in developing a blood test to detect Alzheimer's years before symptoms first appear. But Alzheimer's isn't the only type of dementia, and there are many other kinds of neurodegenerative diseases and brain disorders where early diagnosis would be just as [...]

The Terrible Truth About Statins and Memory Loss

By |July 19th, 2021|Categories: Natural Health|

Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs have been one of the biggest money-makers of all time for drug companies, with some experts estimating that they bring in about a trillion dollars in sales annually.1 Even though, in my opinion and that of many others, their heart health benefits [...]

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