Own the Awakening From Alzheimer’s Premium Edition Video Series, Books, and Bonus Materials and Discover How You Can Prevent and Reverse Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Gain lifetime access to this ground-breaking series of interviews – and much, much more — when you purchase the limited Premium Edition package.

The Premium Edition includes everything that’s in the Essential Edition — the 12 doctor video interviews, the transcripts and audio files, and the new expanded edition of Peggy Sarlin’s best-selling 191-page book Awakening from Alzheimer’s.  PLUS you receive an amazing collection of additional benefits that are not included in the broadcast event. Scroll down to see all you get with the Premium Edition!

You get all of this when you purchase the Premium Edition

With the Premium Edition, whether you choose the digital or physical package, you’ll own much more than just the interviews included in the Event series. You’ll receive a full library of books and reports that go far beyond the interviews – a valuable resource for a lifetime of prevention.

Here’s what you get:

Video interviews with 12 world-renowned doctors to own as a reference and watch with family and friends. Available either as digital video files in the Digital version or a DVD set in the Physical version (seen here).

Please note Dr. Brown and Dr. Gerbarg appear in the broadcast series by special arrangement and are not included as part of the purchase packages.

Digital Audio Recordings  of the interviews to listen at home, office, the gym, or during your commute.

Please note Dr. Brown and Dr. Gerbarg appear in the broadcast series by special arrangement and are not included as part of the purchase packages.

Complete Transcripts of the 12 included interviews to read along and use as a permanent reference to the series.

Easily reference key information, follow along as you watch, and save for future review at your own convenience. Available either as a PDF e-book in the Digital version or a bound book in the Physical version (seen here).

Awakening from Alzheimer’s  Own the bestselling book that started it all, written by your host Peggy Sarlin and now newly updated and revised for 2016. Features five new chapters and valuable new treatments that did not exist at the time the first edition was published 2012. Reader Jonathan D. Kaskin writes, “Thought so highly of it that my wife bought several additional copies to give to friends and relatives.”

BEST IDEAS from the Awakening from Alzheimer’s Interviews  Want to quickly find the name of a treatment or the name of a supplement? Or what a certain doctor said about a topic?  You don’t have to watch the interviews again or read the 12 transcripts. All the best ideas are condensed into this quick read for easy reference.  In fifteen minutes you can breeze through the highlights of EVERY interview.

ACTION PLAN:  11 Steps You Can Take Now to Protect Your Brain and Reduce Your Risk  If you’re in a hurry to get started on a sharper mind and better memory, then here’s your quick-start guide – 11 things all of us can do immediately.  And for Alzheimer’s patients, these are potential lifesavers.  Just by taking one or two of the steps in this ACTION PLAN, many people diagnosed with dementia have seen their condition reverse and even completely disappear.  Priceless, one-of-a-kind advice culled from four years of intensive research on brain health by Lee Euler, publisher and creator of Awakening from Alzheimer’s.

How to Save Your Brain – Your Basic Toolkit for Beating Memory Loss and “Mind Fog” from Age 38 to 88. As a Premium Member you’ll receive a digital download of this 99-page e-book by Weldon Reed.  Along with Peggy Sarlin’s Awakening from Alzheimer’s this was one of the pioneering books on the new discoveries in brain health. When these important books were written just four years ago, dementia was considered hopeless. No more! In How to Save Your Brain you’ll discover the one mineral that could be the secret of brain health … environmental toxins that attack your brain … how you can reduce your loss of brain tissue by half, for only 4 cents a day … how to tone your brain just like a muscle … and much more!

The Awakening from Alzheimer’s Event T-Shirt As a special thank-you, we’ll send you this official T-shirt created exclusively for the Event and available only to our Premium Members and only available in the Physical package. Take credit for your generous support of the fight against Alzheimer’s! Wear this and let the whole world know there’s now an answer to this dreaded disease.

3 Bonus Reports Included in the Premium Edition are 3 valuable bonus reports: 15 Tests Your Doctors Must Give You to Diagnose Dementia, by Dr. Vincent Fortanasce, How to Beat Parkinson’s Disease, and 7 Secret Triggers for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, by Peggy Sarlin. Available either as PDF reports in the Digital version or bound reports in the Physical edition.

Access to Private Awakening from Alzheimer’s Facebook Group. Become a part of our community where you are free to discuss the Awakening from Alzheimer’s series, exchange information, share experiences, and find support in a private community of people who have been personally touched in some way by Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The World’s Leading Alzheimer’s Experts All In One Place

With the Awakening from Alzheimer’s Premium Edition, you’ll have lifetime access to vital information from some of the world’s foremost authorities on Alzheimer’s and dementia, including:

  • Dr. Dale Bredesen

  • Dr. Michael Breus

  • Dr. Dominic D’Agostino

  • Dr. Michael Breus

  • Dr. Vincent Fortanasce

  • Dr. David Katz

  • Dr. Mary Newport

  • Dr. David Perlmutter

  • Dr. Fred Pescatore

  • Dr. Pamela W. Smith

  • Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

  • Host Peggy Sarlin

Please note Dr. Brown and Dr. Gerbarg appear in the broadcast series by special arrangement and are not included as part of the purchase packages.