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The One-Hour Memory Cure  Starring a Spice Already In Your Cabinet

Believe it or not, scientists now know a kitchen cabinet spice can improve your memory dramatically–in as little as one hour! This delicious herb commonly used on poultry and Italian pasta has been shown to possess extraordinary brain-boosting powers.

The British Association of Pharmacology conducted a study with a group of 20 adults aged 65-90 years old. All of them suffered from occasional memory loss. The scientists divided participants into two groups.

They gave half of them an extract of this herb. They gave the other half a placebo.

The scientists read a list of groceries as part of a word recall test.

They came back an hour later to each group to see how many items each participant remembered on the grocery list.

And the scientists were stunned.

In just that one hour, the group who took the placebo barely saw any benefit. The people who had taken this herb showed a significant improvement in how many words they remembered.

Overall, the group with the extract showed an unbelievable improvement–70% of age-related memory loss was reversed.

That’s the equivalent of 50 YEARS of aging…reversed in one hour!

It’s no wonder the name of this herb means, “wise man.”

That’s right, this special herb that protects your brain for years to come is the Sage leaf.

But, simply chewing on sage leaves or topping your gnocchi with sage won’t give you the same results.

In this FREE report, you’ll find out the exact form of sage extract and the clinical dose amount used in this groundbreaking study (dosages LESS than this had little or no result!).

But that’s not all! Inside this FREE Special Report, you’ll also discover…

Food Secrets of Countries with the Lowest Dementia Rates

Greece, Costa Rica, Japan, and Spain…these aren’t just gorgeous vacation destinations.

They’re four of the top countries with the lowest rates of dementia–even in people who live to their 80s, 90s, and beyond.

These countries’ unusually low dementia rates have caught the attention of scientists around the world…and now their brain-boosting food secrets are revealed at last!

Here are just a few you’ll discover in your FREE Special Report…

✓ Fried food CAN be good for you! The Japanese stir-fry their food in this one oil to sharpen their memory (hint: it isn’t coconut oil!)
✓ The Italians LOVE to chow down on this food. It’s not only tasty, it can help you produce 14% more gray matter in your brain…and delay the onset of Alzheimer’s by 10 years!
✓ Enjoy cheese with your wine! This French cheese can be found at your local grocery store–and it’s actually GOOD for you. It heals both your gut and your brain!
✓ Costa Ricans indulge in this refreshing elixir with every meal. It not only helps them think more clearly, it actually blocks a hidden cause of Alzheimer’s!
✓ And more!

You’ll find all of these food secrets to protect your brain for years to come in this FREE Special Report!

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MORE ways to keep your brain “young” at any age!

Imagine how much better you’ll think and perform once you know these secrets I’ve shared with you so far. But our health researchers also unearthed even more surprising discoveries that can keep you sharp, focused, and independent as you age.

And you’d be shocked just how easy it is to get started right now. Secrets like…

✓ Love snacking? This tasty tropical treat safeguards your brain from mental decline as you age!
✓ The sweet, zesty (and affordable!) new brain food that supercharges your memory and recall
✓ A simple test that detects Alzheimer’s YEARS in advance (it isn’t a PET scan!)
✓ The relaxing secret to protecting your brain from mental decline…and it’s free!
✓ And more!

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