Has a New Cause of Alzheimer’s Been “Swept Under the Rug?”

By |2021-06-11T15:36:02+00:00June 11th, 2021|Natural Health|

When someone develops Alzheimer's diseases, the brain changes. These changes include more than the growth of telltale plaques. The brain’s cells themselves change, especially their membranes. These membranes lose up to 60 percent of crucial compounds known as plasmalogens. And, according to researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, scientists have mostly turned a blind [...]

The Brain Change that Predicts Alzheimer’s Disease

By |2021-06-07T05:45:09+00:00June 7th, 2021|Brain Science|

The latest research points to a new hallmark of Alzheimer's disease that could prove to be far more promising as an early marker of the malady than the often talked about tau tangles and amyloid plaques. Detecting this marker when it first develops could provide the earliest indicator of the disease, as it can be [...]

Is This the Most Important Indicator of Dementia Risk?

By |2021-06-04T11:45:16+00:00June 4th, 2021|Natural Health|

Memory researchers have long been searching for early warning signs indicating the development of Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia. The latest scientific studies are leading them to an unlikely place, or should I say organs… the kidneys. Let’s take a closer look at the evidence that points to a connection between declining kidney [...]

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