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Artificial Intelligence Test Measures Language Skills to Predict Alzheimer’s Disease

By |2021-01-04T12:38:32+00:00January 4th, 2021|Brain Science|

Doctors agree that early diagnosis can have a positive impact on the course of almost every disease, and Alzheimer’s is no different. There’s a new study that points to the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to predict whether a person will go on to develop the disease. This method involves using AI to measure simple [...]

The Link Between the Air You Breathe 
and Alzheimer’s

By |2021-01-01T11:27:58+00:00January 1st, 2021|Natural Health|

Evidence has been building for years that air pollution increases the risk of heart and respiratory diseases and reduces lifespan, but much less is known about how it impacts the brain. That’s changing. Now, two new studies reveal deeply troubling evidence of the effects of air pollution on the brain. Not only does air pollution [...]

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