New Discovery Points to an Overlooked Cause of Alzheimer’s

By |July 22nd, 2019|Categories: Brain Science|

When it comes to treating somebody who is just beginning to suffer Alzheimer’s disease, the conventional medicine folks have a big problem. They don’t know how the disease starts. So they can’t catch it at an early stage. In fact, 20 years ago when my [...]

Drug/Nutrient/Beverage Mix Reverses Memory Loss

By |July 19th, 2019|Categories: Nutrition|

Three decades ago, pharmacist and cancer researcher Ross Pelton, PhD, described a certain combination of two ingredients as "the most potent memory enhancing therapy yet discovered." Today, with a few tweaks to the formula, Frank Shallenberger, MD, a pioneer and leader in the field of [...]

WHO Details 10 Best Strategies to Prevent Dementia

By |July 15th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

“In the next 30 years, the number of people with dementia is expected to triple. We need to do everything we can to reduce our risk of dementia." So stated the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in May. With [...]

A New Clue about Alzheimer’s Points Toward a Revolution in Treatment

By |July 12th, 2019|Categories: Brain Science|

Researchers have not been very successful at deciphering exactly how Alzheimer’s disease begins its destructive course through the brain. When the destruction of brain tissue becomes extensive, it’s fairly easy to observe. Scientists are less certain about what goes on at earlier stages. This means [...]

The Internet Wreaks Havoc with Your Brain

By |July 8th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

The internet is changing how we live, work, shop and interact with each other. There are many positive aspects to this. But it also comes with drawbacks. In the first major review of the way the internet affects the brain, the researchers found that online [...]

Another Look at the “Crossword Puzzle Theory” of Brain Health

By |July 5th, 2019|Categories: Brain Science|

The brain may not be a muscle, but many scientists believe you can exercise it and train it to stay in better shape much the same way. The most familiar form of this theory is that working crossword puzzles or sudoko – on a regular [...]

Your Spice Cabinet is Full of Brain “Medicines” Besides Curcumin

By |July 1st, 2019|Categories: Nutrition|

In these pages we’ve let you know that sage, cinnamon, turmeric, and saffron are all powerful brain boosters. Sage is so potent, it’s an ingredient in a brain supplement from our sister company, Green Valley Natural Solutions. We’ve also written up rosemary, another herb I [...]

People Who Fall for Scams at Greater Risk of Alzheimer’s

By |June 28th, 2019|Categories: Brain Science|

You’re notified of a big win on the lottery. Swept away by an internet romance. Excited to receive a phone call from a grandchild whose voice doesn’t sound quite right – and who urgently needs money. These represent just the tip of the iceberg when [...]

Can Putting This Up Your Nose Cure Alzheimer’s?

By |June 21st, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

Could snorting insulin save your memory if you start to develop Alzheimer’s disease? Some researchers believe it can. But studies of whether or not it works have been mixed. And questions remain. For instance, what exactly happens that makes brain cells less sensitive to insulin [...]

Do This First Thing in the Morning to Make Your Brain Work Better All Day

By |June 17th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

Research shows that how you start the day can make a big difference in how well your memory works and how reliable your decision-making abilities hold up through the day. So why not start your day with these three simple habits that make for more [...]

Being “Too Thin” Can be Bad for Your Brain

By |June 14th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

Obese middle-aged men and women are at greater risk of cognitive decline and dementia. That much is known. But this link is not well established among obese seniors. And in fact, some studies even suggest being overweight in old age protects against dementia – while [...]

Synchronized Brainwaves Give Seniors the Memory of a 20-Year-Old

By |June 10th, 2019|Categories: Brain Science|

In the first century AD, a man named Scribonius Largus was the court physician to the emperor of Rome. Among other things in his medical bag of tricks, he had a novel method for relieving headaches. He would lay an electric ray (torpedo fish) across [...]

This Art Form Can Replace Medication for Alzheimer’s Patients

By |June 7th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

For one man, his mother's dementia was so distressing he decided to stop visiting her at the care home she was staying in. Yet only a short time later he was seeing her regularly. What made the difference? Personalized music. It’s quite a story. . [...]

It’s Not Alzheimer’s – It’s a New Form of Dementia

By |June 3rd, 2019|Categories: Brain Science|

A definitive diagnosis of Alzheimer's is hard to obtain before death because only then can brain cells be scrutinized closely under the microscope. So in living patients, doctors have to rely on various tests. From the information gathered they believe the diagnosis will be accurate [...]

What Do You Do if You Want to Forget Something?

By |May 31st, 2019|Categories: Brain Science|

In this newsletter the topic is usually how to remember things. Memory loss is a huge worry, especially among those of us who are getting old. But what if you want to forget something? Sounds odd, but sometimes that is the case. For example, someone [...]

Common Medical Procedures Endanger Your Brain

By |May 27th, 2019|Categories: Brain Science|

Before you have any kind of surgery, especially if you are middle-aged or older, you need to be aware of the brain damage that often results from general anesthesia – the kind where you lose consciousness. Studies now show that this problem has been drastically [...]

This Vitamin Is Vital for Protecting Your Brain and Nerves

By |May 24th, 2019|Categories: Nutrition|

In looking into the importance of a vitamin you need to keep your brain and nerve tissue healthy, I’ve had to wonder – when is a widespread lack of a nutrient a national emergency? Because every time I investigate the importance of vitamin B12, I’m [...]

Does Beer Help Prevent Dementia?

By |May 20th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

First, a confession: This headline is a teeny bit misleading. I don’t recommend beer for dementia prevention. But a common beer ingredient – hops – does exactly that. And it’s available as a supplement. The first recorded use of hops in beer dates all the [...]

When Alzheimer’s Isn’t Really Alzheimer’s

By |May 17th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

Up to 600,000 Americans may be living with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's even though they have no permanent damage to their memories or cognitive abilities at all. In other words, they've been misdiagnosed. Instead, they suffer from a treatable and reversible condition called normal pressure [...]

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