Can’t Afford Brain Supplements? The Most Vital Ones Cost Practically Nothing

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One of the good things about brain health is that the main things you need are inexpensive or even free. For example, you've got to have two simple vitamins that offer priceless protection from a brain-destroying amino acid. They’re available practically everywhere, for pennies. These two nutrients preserve memory and thinking power like all get [...]

The “Smart” Mushroom that Could Keep You Mentally Sharp for Life

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What was her secret? It's not only that neurobiologist Rita Levi-Montalcini lived to the age of 103, the only Nobel prize winner who ever achieved that distinction. It's that she was still engaged in research at that advanced age. Her youthful vitality and mental powers were undiminished right to the end of her very long [...]

This “Eye Supplement” Puts a Stop to Alzheimer’s

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"This is a major breakthrough in the management of Alzheimer's disease." So states Professor John Nolan, lead scientist in a new human trial. He wasn’t talking about a new drug. He was talking about a formula made up of nutrients found in ordinary foods like sardines and spinach. Another of the study authors, Dr. Alan [...]

This Food Combination Acts Like a Brain-Addictive Drug

By |2018-07-20T05:49:01+00:00July 20th, 2018|Nutrition|

Over a century ago, Dr. William Howard Hay proposed that meals heavy in proteins and carbohydrates upset the digestive system and lead to weight gain. The Hay (food combining) Diet still has loyal followers today – I’ve heard it mentioned by a couple of alternative doctors -- but food scientists say separating proteins from carbohydrates [...]

Fish Oil in This Form has Extra Benefits

By |2018-06-25T14:23:55+00:00June 25th, 2018|Nutrition|

If you’ve read anything about alternative medicine in the last 20 years, you’ve probably heard the main reason to eat fish is the omega 3 fatty acids, found at especially high levels in oily fish like salmon and herring. Omega 3 oils benefit the heart and circulation, the brain, and probably other body parts we [...]

Eat This Once a Day to Protect Your Eyes and Improve Brain Function

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Added to salads or smoothies, its green, creamy texture is high in fiber and chock-full of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and healthy fats. One important carotenoid found in this nutrient-dense fruit is lutein, known for its ability to protect the eyes from harmful light at the blue end of the spectrum. It’s old news that lutein [...]

The Melt-In-Your-Mouth Treat that Boosts the Brain

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Switzerland leads the world, consuming almost 20 pounds per person annually. The US trails in 9th place. We only munch our way through a mere 9½ pounds. Then again, the Swiss are renowned for their exceptional chocolate. The cardiovascular benefits of chocolate - or more specifically, its most important component, cocoa (cacao) - are well [...]

Raw or Cooked? Lift Your Spirits with the Right Choice

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Fresh, frozen, canned or dried; it doesn't matter. Just make sure you include at least 14 ounces in your diet every day. That's the message of Fruits & Veggies - More Matters®. This initiative was set up over a decade ago in the hope it would encourage Americans to eat healthier food. Similar campaigns operate [...]

Two-Nutrient Combo Lowers Risk of Alzheimer’s Better than Either One Alone

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Researchers have stumbled on a super-powered duo of nutrients that may be able to rescue your brain from the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other debilitating disorders. According to some of the most advanced research, this pair of nutrients can help the brain make more serotonin, a neurotransmitter crucial to keeping your mental abilities intact [...]

Priceless Protein Helps Your Brain Manufacture New Cells

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If you want to keep your memory going strong as you get older, you need to know that taurine is central to the health of the brain’s neurons. Although not technically one of the “amino acids” you often hear about, it’s a closely related protein the body can’t live without. Taurine derives its name from the Latin [...]

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