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Specific Link Identified Between Low-Quality Sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease

By | 2018-04-06T17:09:56+00:00 April 6th, 2018|Natural Health|

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher slept only four or five hours a night, and were proud of it. So is Donald Trump, who seems to wear it like a badge of honor. But both the former president and prime minister went on to develop Alzheimer's after they left office. Perhaps the current president should take [...]

For a Healthier Brain, Sleep Like This

By | 2018-03-31T00:50:11+00:00 March 30th, 2018|Natural Health|

Did you know the position you sleep in may have a significant effect on how well your brain cleans itself out at night, and thereby protects your neurological health? We’ve talked in these pages about how removing excess waste products in your brain is critical for health. When this doesn’t happen, waste buildup can contribute [...]

This Tips You Off that You’re at Risk of Future Alzheimer’s

By | 2018-03-27T05:04:17+00:00 March 26th, 2018|Natural Health|

How good is your sense of smell? For over three decades, scientists have been interested in this question because the answer can indicate your risk for Alzheimer's. Back in the 1970s researchers discovered that loss of smell went hand in hand with neurodegenerative conditions. In the decades that followed, further research showed this is one [...]

Can’t Think Straight When You’ve Got Cold or Flu? Here’s Why

By | 2018-03-16T10:55:08+00:00 March 16th, 2018|Natural Health|

Some people report that when they get sick with a cold or the flu, it often feels like their brain stops in its tracks. They can’t do any deep thinking, and if they have to make difficult decisions they find it best to wait till they’re feeling better to face them. There’s a good reason [...]

5 Tips to Improve Your Memory — No Food, Drugs or Supplements Required

By | 2018-03-09T08:50:06+00:00 March 9th, 2018|Natural Health|

No matter what shape your memory is in, research shows there are easy ways to make it perform better. These 5 techniques are simple, and studies show they’re effective. Quick Memory Boost Research at the University of Surrey in England shows that if you are trying to remember details of something you’ve seen, simply close [...]

New Forms of Curcumin Show More Powerful Memory and Mood Benefits

By | 2018-02-21T13:08:44+00:00 February 19th, 2018|Natural Health|

Curcumin is thought to be responsible for most of turmeric's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant dividends - making it a first choice for many suffering with arthritis. But it does more: The curcumin molecule extracted from the spice also acts against beta amyloid and tau, the two abnormal proteins linked with Alzheimer's. Yet studies show little merit [...]

A Remarkable Herb Improves Memory and Mood

By | 2018-02-05T16:57:41+00:00 February 5th, 2018|Natural Health|

Today's subject is an herb native to the Mediterranean region that has a long history of treating a wide variety of issues, including memory, cognition and anxiety. These days it's found in gardens throughout Europe and North America, including mine, where it's kind of annoying because spreads like crazy. As far as my researchers can [...]

For a Strong Mind, Strong Muscles are Essential

By | 2018-01-23T06:47:29+00:00 January 22nd, 2018|Natural Health|

Back when I was a kid, "muscle head" was a term of derision applied to weight-lifters, and maybe the occasional football player, a class of people thought to be a bit dimwitted. Weight-lifters may get the last laugh, because it turns out strong muscles are a key to protecting your brain and memory. Fortunately, you [...]

“Sugar Coma” Touted as New Medical Syndrome When You Eat Too Much, Too Fast

By | 2018-01-19T15:15:47+00:00 January 19th, 2018|Natural Health|

A syndrome called "sugar coma" has achieved the status of urban myth. The phrase describes the cognitive price people supposedly pay if they eat too much sugar in a short period of time. The cause can be any sugary blowout from cakes to soft drinks. I'm told that some people report a slowdown or loss [...]

How Much of This Trace Element is in Your Water?

By | 2018-01-03T18:14:24+00:00 January 1st, 2018|Natural Health|

The Answer May Indicate if You’ll Get Alzheimer’s. The evidence just keeps on growing. Previous research groups revealed this mineral can lower rates of crime, suicide, homicide, drug-dependency, impulsiveness and death from any cause - provided you get an adequate dose. It's also been shown to stabilize cognition in those with mild memory loss and [...]

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