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New Discovery Confirms Link Between Inflammation and Alzheimer’s

By | 2018-01-16T12:13:52+00:00 January 15th, 2018|Brain Science|

Inflammation is a major factor in the development of Alzheimer's disease. Instead of being a short-term protective response initiated by the immune system to ward off pathogens, inflammation can turn into a long-term harmful response that provokes structural damage and cell death. But how exactly does persistent inflammation lead to dementia? The precise mechanism has [...]

This is What Your Cellphone Can Do to Your Brain

By | 2018-01-14T13:46:50+00:00 January 12th, 2018|Brain Science|

If your cellphone dominates your life – if, like most people, you carry it everywhere and you check it continually – this little device could be making significant changes inside your brain. Smartphones were introduced just a little over ten years ago. Now they’re a universal distraction and obsession. According to the Pew Research Center, [...]

This Cooking Oil May Be Damaging Your Brain

By | 2018-01-06T14:13:35+00:00 January 5th, 2018|Brain Science|

If you're like most Americans, you're consuming huge amounts of a cooking oil that can make you more prone to serious memory problems. The food industry wants you to think this oil is a healthy food. But scientists who have taken a clear-eyed look at what it can do to your body tell us that [...]

Problem to Solve? Time to Take a Few Steps Back

By | 2017-12-27T17:38:16+00:00 December 25th, 2017|Brain Science|

If you catch sight of a beautiful flower, you'll want to take a closer look. Spot a rattlesnake, and you'll back away fast. It's natural to move towards pleasure and away from anything that could cause pain. In each case the emotion or thought comes first, followed by the physical action. But what if it [...]

Not All Brain Boosters are the SAMe

By | 2017-12-27T17:38:03+00:00 December 22nd, 2017|Brain Science|

Only introduced to the American public 20 years ago, this supplement was first tested in Italy as a treatment for schizophrenia in the 1970s. But while doing so, doctors noticed it also lifted the mood of their patients. This set off a plethora of studies which were so successful, S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe) became a prescription [...]

A Specific Type of Brain Training Lowers Dementia Risk by Up to 45%

By | 2017-12-28T14:16:43+00:00 December 18th, 2017|Brain Science|

It takes a lot to get the goat of scientists. Yet dozens became so exasperated by vendors claiming their online games can improve memory and prevent Alzheimer's, they collectively signed a statement rejecting all such notions. That was three years ago, when the evidence on this subject was limited. Now things have changed. Impressive findings [...]

Common Blood Problem Makes You More Likely to Get Dementia

By | 2017-12-28T14:17:03+00:00 December 11th, 2017|Brain Science|

More than three million Americans suffer from a red blood cell condition that can make them an easy prey to memory problems. And most of these people don't know they have this medical problem. Its symptoms may seem unimportant and of little concern. But if you are one of these millions, your brain and ability [...]

Did Your Doctor Put a Toxic Metal in Your Brain?

By | 2017-12-28T14:11:25+00:00 December 1st, 2017|Brain Science|

Chuck Norris is suing his wife’s doctors for exposing her to a toxic metal during a medical scan. Researchers warn that this toxic metal, used in taking diagnostic images of the body, may enter the brain and never leave. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) insists there’s nothing to worry about. But if you’d like [...]

How to Keep Your Brain and Memory From Shrinking

By | 2017-12-28T14:11:16+00:00 November 27th, 2017|Brain Science|

Research shows that many Americans have brains that are shrinking at an alarming rate. And that shrinkage is a dangerous sign: It means you are more susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. It indicates you may face serious future health difficulties. It signals that important connections among your neurons are being destroyed But you [...]

Will You Get Alzheimer’s? Soon This New Test May Let You Know

By | 2017-12-28T14:05:10+00:00 November 13th, 2017|Brain Science|

Scientists are constantly looking for methods to detect Alzheimer's at a very early stage, before any obvious signs of memory loss or when the signs are still barely noticeable. Eye tests, the ability to detect odors, altered speech patterns and vocal effects – all are being investigated to create consistent and reliable detection techniques. And all [...]

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